What happiness tastes like

Our Truffles

These rich, creamy ganache centres are dipped or molded in premium Belgian chocolate. They are made with only the freshest of ingredients and contain no preservatives. Eating just one of these decadent truffles will leave you craving more!

Milk Caramel Milk chocolate ganache flavoured with caramel and a splash of brandy dipped in milk chocolate

Italian Lover Dark chocolate ganache flavoured with Amaretto and Cognac

Margarita Dark chocolate ganache infused with lime and tequila and garnished with a sprinkle of sea salt

Triple Chocolate

 Layers of rich white chocolate and milk chocolate ganache enrobed in dark chocolate

White Vanilla Rum

A rich white vanilla chocolate ganache flavoured with dark Jamaican rum dipped in dark chocolate

Passion Fruit

Dark chocolate ganache flavoured with real passionfruit


Raspberry and dark chocolate
ganache with a touch of
Chambord Liqueur

Grand Marnier

A classic flavour featuring dark chocolate infused with orange and Grand Marnier liqueur

Thai Chili

Spicy Thai chili peppers infused into a rich dark chocolate ganache

“I bought some of your chocolates yesterday for my husband and myself. They were absolutely FABULOUS!! We will definitely order again. I am craving more today!!”


Special Occasions

Do you have an upcoming wedding, anniversary, baby shower or other special event? All of life’s special occasions should be celebrated with chocolate! Click here to let us show you how.

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